RHOA Season 8 Episode 15
RHOA Season 8 Episode 15

RHOA Season 8 Episode 15 was supposed to be a lesson in “how to read” for Kim Fields who wisely elected to remain herself despite Kenya’s wrath. 

Kim and her husband are to be commended.  The blows came and went and they both shrugged their shoulders like it ain’t even happen giving them all a lesson in class.

Sheree said again, her ex-husband Bob desperately wants her back.  I hope that’s so, although his off-colored remark saying, “I’ll hold the purse as long as you deposit the money,” towards Sheree was demeaning and makes me think otherwise.  Sheree’s no fool, so let’s hope she’s careful with this guy.

Porsha and her guy make a cute couple. She managed to tone things down a bit so I’m hoping she’s finally happy.

Kenya showed her very-ugly side this trip.  She squeezed out an apology at their last supper and Peter in his usual bad form, almost didn’t let her live it down though Cynthia accepted.

She and Matt make a cute-looking couple and he seems to care for her.  Love and acceptance are what she needs so maybe Matt can help heal old wounds even if it’s just for a season.

Nene made it clear, she’s back and not going anywhere ever again.  As long as the attitude remains humble; I think she can be tolerated.  How about you guys?

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