RHOA Season 8 Episode 16
RHOA Season 8 Episode 16

RHOA Season 8 Episode 16 was a little dull for me.  Phaedra finally took the boys to see Apollo in prison and we caught a glimpse of the finished commercial Kim Fields shot for Cynthia. 

The various franchises in general have become nothing more than an extended infomercial for most cast members and though we shouldn’t fault them for taking advantage of opportunities; it has essentially become a bore to watch.

Porsha should be commended for picking herself up after a nasty divorce.  She featured her Naked lingerie line in this episode. Congrats to her but her scenes were boring!

Cynthia met with Kim to preview the commercial shot in Jamaica.  From what was shown, I wasn’t impressed even though Cynthia seemed to be.  Nevertheless, boring!

Kandi went for her check-up with Dr. Jackie.  She revealed the perspective name, Ace Wells Tucker and I must say, it does have a ring to it.

The chemistry shared between Todd and Mama Joyce who accompanied them on the visit was most noticeable.  It was nice to see Joyce smile again, and had there not been footage of their past relationship, one would have never known there was prior tension.  She now seems completely smitten by her son-in-law and delighted about the grand baby.

On a side note, Kandi really looks nice pregnant.

Phaedra’s trip to visit Apollo was sad.  Her boys are adorable but that Dylan (the youngest) should be nicknamed the “kissing bandit.” Not sure why his scenes made me a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, she has officially filed for divorce although Apollo refuses to sigh the paperwork.

Not surprised!  Her happiness is not his priority so good luck ridding herself of that one.

Kenya and her boyfriend Matt met Aunt Lori at the construction site.  The property is coming along, though there’s still plenty more to be done.

As I’ve said before, Kenya and Matt are a nice looking couple.  Not sure if it’s the aging process but he seems to help center her.  She expressed concern over their age difference and told Lori that she never wanted to take care of a man.

I can totally understand that; however, he seems to treat her well so I say kudos to her for trying something new.  They can always build financial security together and Kenya seems smart enough to know how not to dress-him-up for the next woman.

Next week is the season finale.

Porsha seems to have a pregnancy scare and Nene shows up again to collect the coins she left on the floor.  Her return to RHOA hasn’t been a smooth transition as it seems the chemistry she once shared with cast mates has all but left.

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