RHOA Season 8 Reunion Part 1
RHOA Season 8 Reunion Part 1

RHOA Season 8 Reunion got off to a rather slow start.  Not too many surprises this episode but I did notice host Andy Cohen didn’t seem too particular for Kenya Moore.  

Well, that may or may not be so but his line of questioning did trip her up a few times.

Kenya’s antics, I must say has done her public persona no favors.  She too seems to suffer from delusions of grandeur like co-star Nene Leakes so it’s probably safe to source it back to their troubled childhoods.

Kandi looked amazing!  She mentioned they had not revealed baby Tucker’s face so here’s a pic of their adorable son for those who may be curious.

(click to play)
Ace Wells Tucker

Her exchange with Phaedra tickled me as she tried hard to hold back her emotions while Phaedra sat unfazed by it all.  We are both Tauruses, that is laid back and loyal until that right button is pushed.

This leads me to believe there’s a lot we don’t know about Ms. Phaedra.

For Kandi and Todd to clearly show empathy towards Apollo over Phaedra who was left to raise two boys alone is quite interesting.  I don’t think that would happen under normal circumstances, especially considering they had been friends for many years.

Kim Fields took a lot of fire but maintained her composure.

Kenya’s jealousy of her career achievement and talent is quite obvious no matter how much she tries to deny it.  Not to mention, her comparing their careers was really foolish thinking, right?

The preview for Part Two looks drama-filled, at least we can all hope.




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