Apollo NidaApollo Nida, you’ve convinced America you will fall for just about anything.  Peter tried to warn you, but your ego once again got the best of you!

You love the attention of a beautiful woman, most men would, but given your history with Kenya; why fall for the okey-doke?

The fact is, you were so consumed with lust, the thought never occurred-your wife, Phaedra could walk-in at any moment.  In fact, your wife was the last person on your mind.

Not to mention, you were exposed as a liar!  Not once did you confront Kenya on propositioning you.  What you previously stated as a fact, morphed into an opinion on last nights episode.  You sat back, and played semantics as if you were enjoying the conversation.

Once again, you have disrespected your marriage for the world to see.  Phaedra should be checkin you, not Kenya!  So, in the words of the late, great Fred G. Sanford; I can’t resist, Apollo, “You Big Dummy!”