Miss LawrenceEveryone was shocked to see Miss Lawrence of RHOA on Empire Season 2 last night and the colorful diva took to IG to let us know just how he landed the coveted role on TV’s hottest show. 

The scene had Lawrence playing opposite Jamal, the lead gay son of music exec, Lucious Lyon and boy did he deliver!

We saw him sing on RHOA so his vocal ability came as no surprise but in Hollywood; it pays to know people and that’s pretty-much how he landed the gig.

Telling us on IG it was his relationship with co-star from “Fashion Police” Bevy Smith, who ultimately sealed the deal:

Miss Lawrnce

Lawrence was actually good enough to have a recurring role as Jamal’s nemesis as some less-effeminate gay men are known to shy away from the more flamboyant types like Miss Lawrence so this could actually make for interesting storyline.

One things for sure, executive producer Lee Daniels is doing the most trying to accommodate so many guest appearances so let’s hope it doesn’t compromise the creative process.

Miss Lawrence
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Well done and congrats to Miss Lawrence!

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Photo credit IG, Miss Lawrence and Bevy Smith.