RHONJ Season 6 Episode 11RHONJ Season 6, Episode 11 was pretty boring until the very end when Amber and Jim arrived in Florida.

Jacqueline and Chris worked with their autistic son at home.  They’re doing an excellent job raising awareness of how difficult autism is on families.  Jacqueline was brought to tears and comforted by her daughter Ashley after working with Nicholas who seems to have made great progress but the therapy is intense.

The Wakile’s are in process of building their dream home.  Unlike Teresa and Joe, they seem well-prepared for the upgrade. They are using one of the Jonas brothers as their contractor.

Go figure.

Joe tells Teresa Chris Laurita reached out to him about rekindling their friendship.  Teresa read one of the text messages she received from Jacqueline.  She reminded Joe of the terrible things she said about him during the reunion and said it will be difficult for her to trust Jacqueline again.

Joe Giudice’s parents hosted family dinner.  If was very loving and emotional as they shared their support for one another.  Joe’s father and mother cried as they told Teresa and Joe they will be there for them forever.

The Wakile’s hosted family dinner as well.  Rosie discussed how difficult the break-up with her last girlfriend was.  Her mother was very supportive and loving while she expressed her feelings and it wasn’t long before Rich Wakile’s humor changed the mood for all.

The ladies went on a swamp tour in Florida.  Later that day Amber and Jim arrived.  Dina pulled Amber aside to ask that she not bring up the rumor regarding Rino and the twins mother.  Amber said she’d learned her lesson and wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, her husband is in the other room instigating.  After Jim takes a few subtle digs at Bobby, he leaves and locks himself in the bathroom,  Nicole pleaded with him to come out to no avail.

Jim continues talking crap downstairs leaving everyone shocked.  Amber asked him to stop but he refused so she excused herself from the room.  Jim was relentless. Joe and Melissa Gorga were the only two remaining as he continued his rant.

Joe Gorga eventually escorted him out saying, “I would never fight Jim because I only fight men and in my world Jim is a bitch.”

Next week, Bobby comes out of the bathroom to face Jim.

RHONJ Season 6, Episode 11