Jules WainsteinCan’t say I’m surprised to read this headline but am suspicious of the impeccable timing.  Just days after watching this week’s episode of RHONY, housewife Jules Wainstein was prompted to call it quits on her eight-year marriage to Michael Wainstein amidst cheating allegations.  

Jules & Michael in Rome during happier times
Jules & Michael in Rome during happier times

The footage was filmed around New Years 2016.  The couple met cast mate, Dorinda Medley and her boyfriend John out and the tension between Jules and Michael could be cut with a knife.

At one point, she frustratingly says to Dorinda, “Who the f*ck’s he talking to” while Michael stood-away from the table chatting away and went on to say he’s on the phone a lot.

Well, yesterday morning the two had a heated exchange in their Manhattan apartment prompting her to call the police.

A source says,

“She was in an environment in which she genuinely did not feel safe.”

To be honest, Jules comes across as a shell of a woman.  Like literally, nothing there physically or mentally so one can only imagine how boring home life must have been for Michael.

I’m not condoning infidelity; however, good looks alone aren’t sustaining any relationship and these two seemed to have zero chemistry.

Anyway, People received insight from a reliable source who claims:

“She’s actually okay. I think it’s a relief to her to proceed with the divorce,” says the insider. “I think she’s relieved to be starting her life over. It’s been a very hard.”

Of the split, which a rep for Jules told PEOPLE earlier Thursday was “over his infidelity,” the source says Jules “has known for a while that the was having an affair” but that watching this season of RHONY has raised more questions.

“Now, watching the episodes back, things are coming to light,” says the source. “She’s seeing where this all started.”

Despite the divorce, the source says Jules’ first priority priority right now is “to maintain her privacy and a normal life for her kids.”

Not exactly sure what’s happening with RHONY these days as it seems every housewife has been cheated on.  And I hate to sound cynical but this drama almost certainly secures her spot for next season.  Just saying!

Best of luck to all.

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