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RHONY Season 7 Episode 16

RHONY Season 7 Episode 16 opened with Bethenny in her new Soho apartment.  She invited Carole over for a peek at the construction and both were pleased with the progress. 

Carole went on to catch her up on LuAnn’s behavior at their last gathering.  Bethenny was a little on the fence but ultimately sided with LuAnn saying she was right to get upset about them barging into her bedroom.

Their conversation switched to Dorinda with Carole expressing concern over her accompanying her to England.  They’re about the same age and both have the experience of losing a husband.

Kristen’s ‘Smile Train’ charity event went well.  Ramona took offense to Heather’s company, Yummie jeans being promoted and not her True Faith company who donated several chains to the event.

Ramona once again was petty and in bad form.  She approached Heather about it and got quickly dismissed.  Loved how Heather and Carole handled her.

Sonja and Ramona later pranced around the room in their denim like two school girls flirting with the younger men.

Carole, Heather and Dorinda went for a spiritual reading.  They were all astonished by the healer’s accuracy who knew something specific about Carole’s late husband, Heather’s sick son and Dorinda’s late husband.

Bethenny went for a therapy session.  He was very frank, telling her she can be arrogant and dismissive when she thinks she’s right in particular about business.

She said she’s more comfortable around the women and realize they all have flaws and similar experiences.

Isn’t if funny how learning of another persons flaws puts one at ease?  Especially insecure ones like Bethenny.

Carole and Adam went shopping for her dinner party.  They’re cute together and though he’s much younger; he clearly doesn’t allow her to wear the pants.

He prepared a lovely dinner for Heather and her husband and Kristen.

Carole and Dorinda had a deep conversation about their late husbands while waiting to board their flight to London.

Who knew Carole was besties with the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and that her late husband’s mother was sister to Jackie O?  Carolyn and John died three-weeks before her husband Anthony.

I’m surprise Carole’s not a lot more pretentious.

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