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RHONY Season 7 Episode 18

RHONY Season 7 Episode 18 was all about checking Ramona.  Carole and Dorinda have returned from London and for the first time both had positive remarks for one another. 

As Carole recalled her experience in London, Heather listened intently but couldn’t hide a hint of jealousy during her praise for Dorinda and the bond they share as widows.

The conversation turned to Bethenny’s party and Ramona.  They were both disgusted by her recent behavior and charged it to her recent break-up.

Bethenny and Heather met with Sonja to help with the launch of her new line.  Both ladies appeared skeptical and a bit condescending but Sonja surprised and silence them all with a dynamic line and fashion show during NYFW.

During the show, Bethenny decided to confront Ramona about a remark made to Heather.  Ramona tried hard to apologize and move on but this time; Bethenny wasn’t having it.

She continued pressing, bringing up just about every slanderous word and incident she’s had with Ramona-even claiming to know Mario’s mistress personally to further drive her point home.

This was my favorite Bethenny moment all season.  Ramona truly is a disgusting person and leaves no room for any of us to imagine why Mario decided to find love in the arms of another woman.

Next week is the season finale.

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