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RHONY Season 7 Episode 19

RHONY Season 7 Episode 19 was all about “new beginnings” and “old habits.”  Ramona threw herself a party and tried to make nice with Bethenny; however, she saw fit to project the same rude behavior she often accuses Ramona of. 

Dorinda and John met at an upscale Pizza restaurant.  After she assumed his role and ordered for the table; he began expressing his feelings to which she seemed to show very-little concern by continuing to eat as he poured out his heart.

On one hand, I don’t blame her.  He’s kind-of the creepy, pushover type.

I really don’t think she’s in love with John.  He serves a very specific purpose in her life-occasional companionship.

She agreed to; after three years, assist him with forging a relationship with her daughter but I doubt very seriously that will happen.  She has it too good so why change things?

The ladies all gathered at Ramona’s party.  This was the season finale so current status updates were given on all.

Carole confronted LuAnn about speaking negatively about her relationship with Adam.  LuAnn apologized but in her talking head admitted the relationship bothers her.

To be honest, I might be bothered by it as well given the fact that Adam use to date her niece but she’ll have to eventually get over it as the two are still going strong.

Dorinda, who I think showed a lot of hypocrisy at the party with her use of the very same foul language she and LuAnn both criticized Heather for.

And btw, she and John are still keeping their distance.

Kristen’s nail polish line is a huge success with twelve colors and growing.

LuAnn released a new single and is performing in Europe this summer.  She and Carole are no longer friends as she accuses her of breaking “girl code” in the Turks.

In Carole’s defense, she’s right to say, “if LuAnn doesn’t want her son Noel to know about her indiscretions she should stop hooking up with random dudes on vacation.”

Ramona’s new tell-all memoir, “Life on the Ramona Coaster” was recently published and even though she’s now ready to sign on the dotted line; her divorce has yet to be finalized.

Sonja’s fashion line is currently available online.

Bethenny says she’s found her smile again and recently took a cruise around the Galapagos Islands with her new BFF, Carole.

All in all, this was an enjoyable season!

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