RHONY Season 7 Episode 1
RHONY Season 7 Reunion Part 1

RHONY Season 7 Reunion Part 1 was quite candid.  The ladies all seemed comfortable telling their truth and Ramona Singer played smart by keeping her mouth shut for most of the episode.  

After watching this season of RHONY and the reunion part 1; I must say, LuAnn clearly is not the same woman she appeared to be in the first few seasons.

Divorce changes people but that’s an understatement where she’s concerned.  I hardly think she’s as put together as she pretends and wonder what her children think.

Carole looked best of all the ladies followed by Dorinda and Ramona.  Adam is clearly doing wonders, as she never looked more radiant.

It’s good to see her happy.

Heather clearly came prepared to tell all.  Makes me wonder if she’ll be back for another season.

BTW, I love her Yummy shape wear.

Bethenny seems to be in a much better emotional space.  I didn’t particularly care for her shorter hair or outfit.  It made her appear under dressed on camera.

She pretty-much coped to most if not all of her critique which is great strategy to keep the conversation moving forward.

Anyway, I’ll keep this one short.  Next week the real mudslinging starts.

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