RHONY Season 8 Episode 19

RHONY Season 8 Episode 19 found Bethenny Frankel in the middle of a “should I or shouldn’t I” situation. This of course had all to do with LuAnn de Lesseps and her fiance Thomas D’Agostino Jr. with whom she’s head over hills in love,but should probably be running for the hills instead.

Many middle-age women seem to go through the struggle of finding good companionship.

Bethenny was faced with the decision of whether to pass on information she received about Tom’s cheating to LuAnn, and it left me wondering; what would I do?

I had a similar situation where a close acquaintance was dating one of my co-workers.  She was also dating other’s though he didn’t know at the time.  So, I’m heading to my seat at a Maxwell concert and guess who was seated in the seat next to mine?  My co-worker with another woman.

He nearly sh*t his pants but we both played it cool.

The next day, I pondered over whether I should say something to my friend and decided against it simply because I knew she was seeing other guys on the low as well.

Now these two are happily married and I couldn’t be happier about not having disclosed what I knew.

LuAnn & Tom (RHONY)
LuAnn & Tom (RHONY)

Back to Bethenny and LuAnn, I don’t know if I could have told LuAnn under those circumstances.  She clearly wants the facade of being happily engaged more than anything and given her history; I would assume they have an agreement.

I’m not saying Bethenny was wrong for telling, but I wouldn’t have.  In fact, I would need to be extremely close to share something that hurtful and personal.

In my opinion, her relationship with LuAnn didn’t warrant that level of confession which is evidenced by next week’s previews.  Bethenny’s news wasn’t received well and many women who chose the illusion over truth would have reacted similar.

For LuAnn, being proposed to looks and feels good and that’s all that matters for now.


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