RHONY Season 8 Episode 2 Recap [Full Episode]

RHONY Season 8 Episode 2
RHONY Season 8 Episode 2

RHONY Season 8 Episode 2 culminated with a Dorinda/Bethenny/Ramona showdown.  I’m a fence rider on this episode as Dorinda, Bethenny and Ramona all made viable arguments.

Sure, it’s Dorinda’s prerogative to date who she chooses so it was time for her to address the snide remarks.

I do believe Ramona genuinely doesn’t feel John is good-enough and agree, his comments about their sex life were distasteful.

Dorinda’s reaction all but confirmed what he said was true.

Bethenny was right to be turned-off by John’s overture.  He’s clearly looking for a come-up, kind of like she was before she came into millions.

Bottom line, Ramona was right to tell her but disloyal to do so in the presence of others.  Unfortunately, she’s known for this type of behavior.  That information warranted a private discussion and as Dorinda’s friend; she should have known better.

Too bad it took twenty-years for her (Dorinda) to figure her out.

On a side note, Ramona’s sprawling apartment is in desperate need of an update and I don’t get all the talk about Juliana’s weight.  She doesn’t appear much smaller than Carole or Bethenny on camera so they must be green with envy.

Bethenny FrankelIt was disgusting of her to clean her hands in the ice bucket though.

So far so good this season!

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