In the world of the rich, real-obstacles just don’t seem to surmount.  Take the case of ‘The Donald’ and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban.

These two are going at-it because Cuban when asked his thoughts about Trump purchasing the Bills, told TMZ, “He cant afford them by himself. So it would be interesting to see what group he put together to buy them. It would make things interesting.”

Trump slams back, saying Cuban is dead wrong and I-quote, “Mark Cuban is a lightweight whose net worth is a fraction of mine. He was rejected by baseball and probably plenty of others! By the way, I watched him play golf and he is a total non-athlete – zero club head speed. He lives vicariously through his basketball players.”

Ouch, I’m gone tell my momma!

Trump added, “By the way, the Dallas Mavericks deal is syndicated and his partners have been fighting him over poor management. While the Bills deal would be easily handled by me, if I chose to do it, almost all sports deals are syndicated.”

All for nothing-it’s nice to see ‘The Donald’ go-at someone other than our President.

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