Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian

Star Magazine is reporting Rob Kardashian, the son of Kris Jenner is currently being treated at Meadows Trauma and Addiction Treatment Center in Wickenburg, AZ for substance-abuse issues.

The only brother of the Kardashian clan has been struggling with depression and weight gain for the past year, but Star is reporting it’s not just from overeating rather weed, alcohol and prescription cough syrup.

It’s understandable why Rob, 27 would suffer from depression.  The constant glare of the media for one, and being part of an immoral family for seconds.

Think about it, he’s the youngest and only one left to carry the Kardashian name.  His mother is so obsessed with his older sister Kim, and fame-she admitted on their show she doesn’t know how to help him.  Really?

Imagine being raised by a prominent father who taught you education was the key to success.  You go to school and graduate only to come home to a media storm surrounding a sister (that chose not to attend college) and her sex tape.

And now, you’ve lived in her shadow ever since.  Seems unfair, but that’s life and honestly that would depress most!