Lindsay & AJ (life coach)
Lindsay & AJ (life coach)

Rosie O’Donnell is not a fan of Lindsay Lohan’s documentary series and slams it as, “a tragedy – on every level.”

The brutally honest comedian wrote on Twitter:

Rosie's TweetRosie went on to say, “I am saddened by her level of illness and the way we consume her truth as entertainment-reminds me too much of Whitney-tragic.”

I’d have to agree!  It’s weird how we often complain about “reality TV” not being real, but this seems ‘too’ real. 

One things for sure, it has definitely removed the façade surrounding Lindsay’s life. 

In the past, we saw images of Lindsay decked-to-the-nine, partying here and there, but this docu-series is dark, and gives us a glimpse into her life when the cameras stop flashing.

Let’s all hope the experience proves-positive, and truly empowers her to avert a tragic ending.