Ruben Studdard BeforeRuben Studdard is looking and feeling good these days.  After his stint on ABC’s, The Biggest Loser, Ruben has kept his promise to continue his post-show fitness plan.

Ruben, who’s starting weight was 462 lbs., told People Magazine splitting with his wife triggered his weight gain, but now at 35 he is ready to get fit for good.

The ‘Velvet Teddy Bear’ (as he is affectionately called), lost 100 lbs. in 2008.  He felt constant touring left him little time to take care of himself so when the offer came to do The Biggest Loser, he says, “It was a Godsend.”

Ruben added, “It is so funny how when something is suppose to happen for you, everything moves itself out of the way to make it happen – that is exactly what happened for me. I called all of my managers, all of my band and my singers, and everyone was just so supportive.  We were able to cancel all of my concerts and commitments that I had for the next couple of months. I am just really happy that I was able to come here.”


Today, Ruben’s weight loss totals more than 150 lbs.

Let your light continue to shine, and best of luck to this wonderful soul.