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Video-Master P & Kids

In an obvious attempt to protect his image, Percy Miller, aka Master P, releases video of minor children describing their home life.

This is sad on so many levels.  First,  regardless of what the mother released to the media, this is not the proper way to handle a situation involving minor children.

In the video, Percy goes on and on 15 minutes or so appearing more concerned about his reputation than the emotional toll this will have on the kids.

What parent would video their minor children in their home (where was Sonya), and release something this personal to YouTube?

If the kids were being teased before, this will certainly make things worse.

Percy who has at least one outside child, Cymphonique Miller born in 1996 mentions several times, “I’m not perfect.”

I wonder if he’s considered how much emotional stress a cheating husband/father puts on a family?  Since he claims he and Sonya have been together for twenty-four years, perhaps it’s the stress of his indiscretions that led to her substance abuse.

I’m not making excuses for her, but Sonya sounds broken!  To see a father exploit his kids this way is just terrible!

He may want to see them have a better life, but how much time has he spent ensuring that?  In the video, he told his dad to handle a situation at his daughter’s school, why couldn’t he?

Parenting requires so much more than financial support.

He’s basically damming the mother of his kids for speaking out because she no longer wants to be controlled.  Maybe she doesn’t want him to drop by whenever he feels like it to give her money or pay a bill.  Maybe she wants to have control of her own finances and rid herself of this cheating man.

Sounds like they both have some work to do, but Master P needs a serious ego check!


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