Sasha ObamaLeave it to our First Family to remind us of good old American values!  First daughter, Sasha Obama (15) has started her first job and no, it’s not as glamorous as older sister, Malia Obama’s summer intern in Hollywood-it’s at a seafood restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.  

TMZ is reporting:

Sasha Obama is working for the summer — or at least a very small part of it — at a restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.

Sasha is checking out customers at the register and bussing tables at Nancy’s … a seafood restaurant. Of course, the 15-year-old employee comes with her own entourage.

She reportedly was accompanied by 6 Secret Service agents, who gave her room to work … sitting outside the popular tourist eatery while she put in her time — about 4 hours a day.

This won’t be a long-term gig. She’s just working this week until the rest of the Obamas arrive for a 2 week vacation.

The pay, by the way, reportedly about $12 to $15 per hour, typically. Plus tips.

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Humility takes us far in life!

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