Lamar Sally & Sherrie Shepherd
Lamar Sally & Sherrie Shepherd

Sherrie Shepherd’s divorce from estranged husband Lamar Sally is getting uglier by the minute.  In a legal move that would make even the coldest heart cringe; Sherrie has come out swinging saying the unborn child being carried by surrogate is not hers to avoid hefty child support payments.

I guess Sherrie said you want to play hardball I got something for you sucka!

Apparently the child the surrogate is carrying was not conceived using Sherrie’s eggs rather Lamar’s sperm and a donor egg.  Sherrie feels Lamar tricked her into surrogacy after several failed attempts at in vitro.  She feels he knew all along he had plans to divorce her and only wanted the child to ensure he’d get child support payments.

The child is due sometime this month.

Lamar filed for divorce in California and Sherrie followed suit filing in New Jersey.  Seems like Sherrie got the best counsel cause guess what, California has a six-month residency requirement.  Sally had only established residency in Los Angeles three-months when he filed-no bueno.

Second, Sherrie filed in New Jersey where surrogacy is not recognized so it shouldn’t be that difficult for her to be absolved of any parental obligation there.

She doesn’t strike me as a cold-hearted person but sometimes even the kind at heart get tired of rolling-over for opportunist.

My prayers are with you Sherrie stay strong!

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