Kim BurrellSinger Kim Burrell sat with Essence magazine for an exclusive interview where she discussed her relationship with the late, great Whitney Houston, and her daughter Bobbi Kristina.

Kim says it’s still very hard dealing with the passing of her dear friend, but she thinks of Whitney every single day.

She misses their talks saying, “When Whitney called, we didn’t talk for 20 minutes. Whitney liked to talk for 7 hours at a time. And we spent 14 years doing that.”

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When asked, if given a chance; what would she tell Whitney’s young daughter, Bobbi Kristina-she replied, “I remind her too much of her mama in a lot of ways. If I were to be in her ear, the first words I would probably say are, ‘Just stop it. And you know exactly what I mean. You know what time it is. Don’t go there.’ The girl is smart. To me, she’s a victim of circumstance. I’m not making any excuses, but she was born into craziness. At nine years old, your parents give you $5,000 to go shopping, and the money increases as you get older and you’re pretty much on your own. And you’re doing what you want to do and you’re around all this stuff that she’s involved in as a teenager.”

“So, I would just tell her, ‘Baby, just stop.’ And consider your life to be your own and not a reflection of anyone else’s. Do your best to try to live from this moment forward as an adult because right now you’re living out something that’s killing you quickly. I don’t want to talk too much about [her marriage] ‘cause it is a sore spot. She’s young. And I just hope that at some point she’ll let people in. She’s very rebellious, but she loves me. She just doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. And I get that.”

Burrell is currently a judge on BET’s Sunday Best, airing this Summer.

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