R & B singer Mya says, “try again on that one” as she denies rumors of eleven-year affair with Jay Z.

The rumors started when a blog published a “blind item” linking Jay Z to an “R & B singer with a short name who hasn’t had a hit in years.”  Names were tossed around with many readers linking the clues to Mya.

Well, one of Mya’s Instagram followers asked her point-blank,

“Heard you and Jay Z had an 11-year-affair. Are you his side chick or nah?”

To which she responded,

‘Never did, never was, never will’

‘Illegitimate, thirsty sources with no facts and that’s the ‘media’ for you-especially today.’

‘I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage too much for nonsense.’

‘False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter the attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives. If they did it to Jesus, they’ll do it to anyone. God bless.’

Meanwhile Jay Z and Beyoncé seem unfazed by all the reports of marital strife as they spent  some quality time with Blu in in the Hamptons in between dates of their “On The Run Tour.”

I say, as long as Bey is still throwing up the ROC everything is a-ok with the Carters.

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