Rapper Snoop Dog weighed in on the controversial subject of Blacks being depicted as slaves in film, stopping just short of calling for a Roots boycott. Saying, he refuses to watch “Roots” or any other “slave movie”has provoked much-needed dialogue and I for one can relate to his frustration, but disagree with his position.

SnoopIn the video he says, “Guess what, we taking the same abuse,” and I’d have to strongly disagree.

We are not taking the same abuse as slaves who were brought to this continent involuntarily and forced to work like animals with minimal compensation and beaten into submission just for kicks.  Sure, injustice occurs today but it certainly pales in comparison.

For me, our history is empowering and not something to be ashamed of.  As a people, we’ve overcome tremendous adversity even though we’re still in the fight for equality; Snoop Dog wouldn’t have an option to be who he is today had our ancestors not overcome slavery.

People like President Obama and his family and other less famous Black Americans who have managed to partake in some aspect of the American dream are daily examples of how far we’ve come.  Our children need to know their history so not to take the blood, sweat and sacrifice for granted.

There may be producers behind the scenes with insidious intentions but a worthwhile purpose is being served by bringing these stories to light.

For Snoop and the likes, perhaps once is enough and I’ve certainly had moments where I didn’t care to see another but every film has a different narrative.  Roots is a story of triumph and that is where the focus should be.  I think his perspective is short-cited and a bit hypocritical considering the image he continues to perpetuate; though, I do agree with his position that more effort should be made to show our progression in film.

We have the strength of giants and fortitude of lions and that’s what “another slave story” represents to me!

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