SolangeSolange Knowles is one-proud mama!  Her eleven-year-old son, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. graduated from 5th grade today so she posted a video of him reciting in French.

Yes, little Daniel is bilingual and has been attending French school for the past six-years where the family now resides, in New Orleans.

Solange captured a moment where Daniel and his classmates lost a bet forcing them to sing outside in French. A French-speaking bystander can be heard asking, if they speak French and the students reply, “oui.”

Take a look at the cute video grandmother, Tina Lawson posted:

Solange posted the following video of her son’s language skills with the caption:


And Solange, we’d have to agree; your son is pretty-rad! Congratulations to you and Daniel.  Bilingual kids are the future!

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Photo/video credit IG, Saint Records and MsTinaLawson