imageIt pains me to post anything about Stacey Dash; however, I feel the need to point out she’s not saying anything new.  Her delivery is off-putting for sure but it’s her seemingly lack of regard for Black Americans that gets my goat. 

Sure, Black History is American History (who’s not aware of that) but knowing this doesn’t negate the fact that it’s rarely taught in schools.

Instead, there seems to be a pervasive agenda to teach our kids that the most significant contributions made by Blacks in America were in the form of sports/entertainment.

I can recall in grade school during Black History month my teacher gave us a list of famous Black Americans to report on.  Not realizing then what I do now, everyone on the list was affiliated with sports or music.  In my naiveté,  I did my report on “Kool & The Gang” as ridiculous as that may sound.

Knowing what I know today, there is still a need to emphasize the contributions of Black inventors, activists, scholars, poets, artists, and yes sports greats and entertainers.

Knowledge is power and knowledge of self is empowering.

Our kids need to know their heritage and the legacy left behind by the greats that came before us.  This will in fact help rid the invisible glass ceilings and not only benefit Black children but help destroy negative stereotypes and the stigma of being born Black in America; as today, many people still don’t know that most inventions in everyday use were in fact invented or perfected by a Black person.

That’s useful knowledge and if you happen to only here about it during the twenty-eight days of February so-be-it!

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