Robbie Montgomery Ms Robbie Tim NormanThis headline could very-well be for story line but somehow; I’m not at all surprised.  If you, like me are a fan of OWN’s, “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” you will recall; Ms. Robbie was seemingly always two-steps behind her son, Tim Norman’s next business move or was she?

They fought a lot but things eventually seemed to work itself out but now it seems the sh*t has hit the fan, and Robbie Montgomery ain’t playing.

You see, after Tim opened the restaurant in L.A.; shortly after, he began looking to expand in the Inglewood area.  I thought he was moving a bit fast and it appears that may have been the case along with some other issues.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the suit was filed Monday in federal court in St. Louis, alleging that Norman illegally used the trademarked Sweetie Pie’s name at three new restaurants he opened, which are not franchised from his mother’s brand. The lawsuit accuses Norman of misusing signage and promotional materials for his locations and diverting “substantial sums” of revenue from one of Montgomery’s restaurants to his new ventures.

That Norman “is identified as a member of Miss Robbie’s family on the Sweetie Pie’s show, along with his position on the show, further increases the potential of causing confusion in the marketplace,” the lawsuit says.


On the last season of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” Ms. Robbie on camera appeared A-OK with Tim adding “TJ’s|” to the Sweetie Pie’s sign (in honor of Tim’s son TJ) even though many of the viewers didn’t think it was a wise decision.

I’m wondering if she went along for the sake of getting along and now that things aren’t going well-unleash the furor; if you know what I mean.

Love her, but she strikes me as that type of person.

Anyway, the reviews have improved at the NOHO location so hopefully they will work things out; however, Tim needs to confer before making decisions going forward.

Continued success to all!

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