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Kehinde Wiley’s Femme piquee par un serpent, 2008. Photo by Jason Schmidt

Kasseem Dean better known as Swizz Beatz is featured in the April 2016 issue of ‘Cultured’ magazine.  He goes in dept about his passion for art, No Commission Art Fair and latest project-The Dean Collection.  Interesting article, read on for more.  

Here are a few highlights:

“The reason I went public with the Dean Collection was the feedback on social media and Instagram. I realized it’s bigger than just collecting personally,” he says. “And so I was able to pick the artists for No Commission through Instagram as a form of collaboration.”

“Art always told the race story. I love the work before the person. I don’t have a color when it comes to art.” Surrounded by Warhols on the walls and a Basquiat above his fireplace, producer and recording artist Kasseem Dean—better known as Swizz Beatz—is mulling over his latest cultural passion. “After I like the work, then I get into the details of the person: what was their process, their zone, what were they thinking.”

Dean Collection curator Nicola Vassell calls herself his creative and strategic deputy. “Fundamentally, the Dean Collection is an extension of Dean’s sensibilities—he is heavily instinct-driven,” she says. “Having himself worked in an art form reliant on textures, patterns, flows and transitions, it stands to reason that he has a keen sense of what makes artwork energetically great.”

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Swizz BeatzSwizz is in the process of launching his website: the dean collection where he will feature many of his personal pieces like this brilliant work of art by artist and friend, Kehinde Wiley.

Swizz Beatz


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