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Hugh Hefner Finally Added to Cosby Suit

Hugh Hefner & Woody Allen @ Playboy Mansion
Hugh Hefner & Woody Allen @ Playboy Mansion

Though nothing much will probably come of this; I’ve always felt Bill Cosby was one of a few in now ninety-year-old Hugh Hefner’s “boys club,” so the news of him being added to the Cosby lawsuit seems utterly just to me.   (more…)

Bill Cosby Indicted One Day Before New Years Eve

Bill CosbyBill Cosby entered a Montgomery County courthouse to be arraigned on charges of aggravated indecent assault following an incident where he allegedly drugged and assaulted a Temple University employee in 2004.   (more…)

Zoe Kravitz Reveals Mom Had No Knowledge of Sexual Misconduct by Mentor Bill Cosby

Zoe KravitzActress/singer Zoe Kravitz revealed in an interview published Thursday in The Guardian mom, former Cosby Show actress Lisa Bonet had no prior knowledge of sexual misconduct by TV dad, Bill Cosby.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise as none of the lead actors on the show have publicly admitted to any wrongdoing by Cosby.   (more…)

Spelman College Sends Bill Cosby & His Money Packing

Bill CosbyBill Cosby and his wife, Camille donated $20 million to Spelman College, an elite HBCU for women in 1988.  At that time, it was the largest single contribution ever made to a black college but after the recent sexual assault allegations, the school has decided to part ways with the disgraced legend.


Here’s how comedian Hannibal Buress’ life changed after he told the Bill Cosby joke that ignited a firestorm

Hannibal Buress made a joke last fall sparked the media's interest in Bill Cosby rape allegations.
Hannibal Buress made a joke last fall sparked the media’s interest in Bill Cosby rape allegations.

Last fall, comedian Hannibal Buress made a joke about Bill Cosby at a comedy club in Philadelphia, and the resulting media pandemonium brought Cosby’s sexual abuse allegations to center stage.  (more…)

Cosby’s not the only pervert in Hollywood that police overlook

Bill CosbyThe spotlight this week from mainstream media has been heavily focused on Bill Cosby, and for good reason.  Cosby has been the subject of several dozen allegations from women who stated that he drugged and raped them over the course of 40 years.  While there is no physical evidence that any of the assaults occurred, the extraordinary number of allegations is beyond mind-boggling.   (more…)

What Exactly Does Bill Cosby Think He’s Not Guilty Of?

Bill CosbyThe firestorm of controversy surrounding the more than forty women who’ve come forth with similar allegations of sexual misconduct by legendary comedian/actor Bill Cosby reached a pivotal point yesterday when court documents were released from a case 10-years ago.  Cosby admitted under oath to getting prescriptions for Quaaludes for the purposes of getting women to have sex with him.

All along, he’s maintained his innocence allowing a few close friends and colleagues to speak-out in his defense.  This leads me to wonder, what exactly does Bill think he’s not guilty of?  (more…)

Janice Dickinson Files Suit Against Bill Cosby

Janice DickinsonFormer super-model Janice Dickinson just filed suit against embattled comedian/actor Bill Cosby after his team went on record refuting her claims of rape back in the eighties.  Now we understand why Cosby was very careful with his words last week.  I’m surprised his lawyers allowed him to go on record with anything.  (more…)