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The Fabulous Life of Dr Dre

Dr Dre
Dr Dre

Dr Dre is on record as the second most wealthy man in Hip Hop with an estimated net worth circa $700 million; he falls in line behind one other, Diddy who squeezed him out by $35 million.  (more…)

Christian Combs’ 1st Prom (Pics)

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It’s prom season for Christian Combs and date, Breah Hicks who finally had their fairytale night!  Dressed in coordinated black and white; the dapper couple represented-well for Christian’s A-List pops Diddy who seemed just as excited as his son for this memorable occasion.   (more…)

Blurred Lines Between Wealth and Fame

Wealth or Fame

Most people of affluence come from the world of business and prefer to live their lives out of the spotlight.  This of course is not possible for many high-profile individuals like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Jay Z who subjected to the scrutiny that comes along with celebrity.  That facet alone adds another dimension often times blurring the lines between wealth and fame.  (more…)