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Trump’s First Meeting with Angela Merkel Tense

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped in to help hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war and chaos. Trump not only rejects the idea that the United States should act to prevent tragedies like Syria but also that it should help care for the millions of refugees fleeing the conflict. Trump and Merkel thus represent the two poles of the debate about refugees and responsibility in 2017.[RP True 45 IG]  (more…)

“We Blame Donald” For Everything!

We Blame DonaldFor the past 8-years folks have blamed everything imaginable on President Obama so I thought we’d return the favor by starting a new trend.  “WeBlameDonald” will be our new hashtag for every problem big or small; the more ridiculous the better so let’s have fun with this come January!   (more…)

Oprah Clarifies Post Election Trump Tweet


Donald Trump’s Stunning Upset Makes Him America’s 45th President!

Trump winsI was up all night hoping for a miracle!  Mainly because my teenage daughter, who is well-aware of Donald Trump’s rhetoric was assured a Clinton victory before bed last night. So, I fretted over how I would explain our Democratic process and the impact this election would have on our day-to-day lives.  (more…)

Michelle Obama Delivers Big at 2016 DNC

Michelle ObamaFirst Lady, Michelle Obama returned the favor Bill Clinton paid President Obama three-in-a-half-years ago delivering a heartfelt, impactful speech at the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philly.   (more…)

Pray for Orlando! Fifty Dead in Terror Attack

Pray for OrlandoThe Orlando mass shooting is a sobering reminder that vigilance is key in the fight against terrorism.  So many acquaintances of the shooter, Omar Mateen (29) including his father and ex-wife were well-aware of his propensity for hate and violence only to now speak out a little too late.  (more…)

Obama Says Don’t Fall For the Okey-Doke Because It Sounds Funny

President ObamaPresident Obama finally waded in on the upcoming election cautioning voters not to become cynical or apathetic if we want to continue building on the progress already started saying, “a Republican administration would lead to an economic disaster.”  (more…)

Kwame Jackson & Other Former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Denounce Trump

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Well if you thought former ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Kwame Jackson was too meek to take a stance think again.  He and five other former ‘Apprentice’ held a press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel today in New York City to disavow the presidential campaign of their once mentor, Donald Trump and you know that garnered a response.   (more…)