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Blurred Lines Between Wealth and Fame

Wealth or Fame

Most people of affluence come from the world of business and prefer to live their lives out of the spotlight.  This of course is not possible for many high-profile individuals like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Jay Z who subjected to the scrutiny that comes along with celebrity.  That facet alone adds another dimension often times blurring the lines between wealth and fame.  (more…)

Are Black Celebrities Held to a Different Standard?

Diddy & Jay Z
Diddy & Jay Z

With the recent backlash Jay Z received after the launch of his Tidal app, the mogul responded to criticism at the Clive Davis Institute Of Recorded Music saying, “You never hear Tim Cook’s (CEO of Apple) net worth whenever he tries to sell you something.”


Jay Z: The Panther In a Suit!

The Carters

Jay Z can be aptly described as deft and here’s why.  His company, Project Panther Bidco recently acquired the European streaming music service Aspiro, who launched Tidal last October.   (more…)

Dame Dash Selling a Dream on The Breakfast Club! (Video)

Dame Dash appeared on “The Breakfast Club” for a somewhat contentious interview going down on record as the longest in the shows four-year history.

Things got heated after DJ Envy asked about his relationship with Jay Z.  Dame quickly let him know, piggy backing off his recent interview with Sway, that he didn’t want to answer questions about Jay saying, “Men don’t talk about men.” (more…)

Rush Limbaugh Calls Kanye Out on Using N-Word!

Avid readers know, I’ve often said Kanye West gives countless examples of hypocrisy in his music and speech and is in fact a walking contradiction.  Now, with the latest controversy surrounding a racist chant by Oklahoma State University frat, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on the topic and I must say, he makes a valid point.  (more…)

Yezzy Season Is Upon Us-Kanye West Shows Collection at NYFW!

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Kanye West held his first Yezzy fashion show for Adidas at NYFW.  It was a star-studded event drawing the likes of good friend and mentor Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé, Diddy and Cassie, Rihanna, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, Big Sean, 2Chainz, Travis Scott and many more familiar faces.   (more…)

Roc Nation Pre-Grammy’s Brunch! (Pics)

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Jay Z & Beyoncé hosted the annual Roc Nation Pre-Grammy’s Brunch in Los Angeles Saturday drawing a who’s, who’s in music and entertainment from Rihanna to New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.     (more…)