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Is Minister Farrakhan a Hypocrite?!?

FarrakanWhen I first saw this pic months ago, I must admit being perplexed wondering why Minister Farrakhan would associate he and his family with the very thing he disdains but then I read Kanye was pitching a documentary on the Minister and also wanted his blessings on his interracial marriage. (more…)

Producer Kanye Attracts Star-Studded Audience at Yeezy Season 2

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Producer Kanye West drew huge star power at what must have been the coolest show so far this year at NYFW.  Though the audience included a list of who’s who, the collection itself was less than impressive.  (more…)

Can Kanye save Adidas?

Kanye delivers Yeezy Boost to awaiting customers.
Kanye delivers Yeezy Boost to awaiting customers.

It’s hard to believe Adidas, the $16-billion-a-year sports apparel and footwear company has a mere 9% of the industry.  Equally surprising is the fact that the company has been on a steady decline since 2011.  That until the Yeezy Boost by Kanye, a bona fide hit with sneakerheads, bloggers, and urban fashionistas everywhere launched at $350 a pair, selling out the first run of 9,000 in minutes.  But has that helped or hurt the Adidas brand?  Read on to find out. (more…)

Blurred Lines Between Wealth and Fame

Wealth or Fame

Most people of affluence come from the world of business and prefer to live their lives out of the spotlight.  This of course is not possible for many high-profile individuals like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Jay Z who subjected to the scrutiny that comes along with celebrity.  That facet alone adds another dimension often times blurring the lines between wealth and fame.  (more…)