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Is Minister Farrakhan a Hypocrite?!?

FarrakanWhen I first saw this pic months ago, I must admit being perplexed wondering why Minister Farrakhan would associate he and his family with the very thing he disdains but then I read Kanye was pitching a documentary on the Minister and also wanted his blessings on his interracial marriage. (more…)

Producer Kanye Attracts Star-Studded Audience at Yeezy Season 2

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Producer Kanye West drew huge star power at what must have been the coolest show so far this year at NYFW.  Though the audience included a list of who’s who, the collection itself was less than impressive.  (more…)

Bruce and Kris Jenner’s handling of his desire to live as a woman was appalling and here’s why.

Bruce JennerAfter watching the KUWTK special “About Bruce” there are so many questions.  First, we can only imagine how difficult this must be for the entire family, especially Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  It’s easy to say, “We just want you to be happy.”  But what does that really mean?  I suspect it varies from person to person; however, I am particularly annoyed by Bruce Jenner’s lack of sensitivity with his children.   (more…)

Bruce Jenner Interview

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner finally revealed to the world what we already knew; he-is-indeed-a-she and transitioning to a woman.  Some of the most interesting tidbits aside from defining gender identity and what it means to be transgendered however, concerned the Kardashians of course.   (more…)

Rush Limbaugh Calls Kanye Out on Using N-Word!

Avid readers know, I’ve often said Kanye West gives countless examples of hypocrisy in his music and speech and is in fact a walking contradiction.  Now, with the latest controversy surrounding a racist chant by Oklahoma State University frat, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on the topic and I must say, he makes a valid point.  (more…)