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Can You Tell If Your Child Is Overweight?

Overweight KidsThe perception of being overweight has shifted across the globe.  When asked, a whopping 80% of parents said their overweight child was of normal weight according to a recent study that also found this problem more prevalent in homes of lower socio-economic status especially those of south Asian and African-American decent.   (more…)

Selma 50, President Obama’s 50th Anniversary Selma Speech & History!

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Earlier today, President Obama spoke at the Edmund Pettus Bridge to mark the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches. He was accompanied by a host of familiar faces including First Lady Michelle Obama and their beautiful daughters, Malia (16), Sasha (13), Congressman John Lewis, Reverend Jessie Jackson, Dick Gregory, Al Sharpton and more, but unfortunately, ignorance is still amongst us as a pro-KKK billboard was erected within sight of the famous bridge reminding everyone old sentiments live on.  Maybe it’s time to give thought to a name change for starters. (more…)

Malia Obama 16 & Readying College!

FLOTUS, Michelle Obama & First Daughter, Malia Obama
FLOTUS, Michelle Obama & First Daughter, Malia Obama

First Daughter, Malia Obama has been busy with the “college tour life” having visited Stanford, in California, and Columbia and Barnard in New York City for starters.   (more…)

The Obamas Speak on Race & Racial Profiling In America!

I bet there's a lot of pain behind those smiles!
I bet there’s a lot of pain behind those smiles!

The Obamas sat with Sandra Sobieraj Westfall of People magazine for what turned out to be a 30-minute candid conversation about race and racial profiling in America.  The First Lady reminded us it was just six-years ago the President was just another Black man living on the South side of Chicago. (more…)