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Should Phaedra Parks be disbarred for lies purported on RHOA?

Phaedra ParksShould Phaedra Parks lose her license to practice law over lies purported against co-star Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker on RHOA? Well at least one person feels strongly enough that he’s filed an official complaint with the State Bar of Georgia.  Read on for more. (more…)

Phaedra Parks Caught in Another Lie & Reportedly Fired From RHOA

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Phaedra Parks has reportedly been fired from RHOA after concocting and being caught in an epic lie against fellow caste mate Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker and yet again caught in another tale after Angela Stanton’s attorney James Radford came to her defense on Twitter.  (more…)

Omarosa Is Married!

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Omarosa is married! She and Pastor John Allen Newman exchanged vows at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. today.  (more…)

Is RHOA star, Phaedra Parks Trying to Cover Her Ass?!?

Phaedra ParksThis sounds like a case of CYA than anything plausible but I guess it’s the best thing RHOA star, Phaedra Parks could come up with under the circumstances.  You see, she and rapper Drama go way back some twelve years.  She defended him in a criminal case which resulted in him serving twelve-years in prison. He allegedly feels she misrepresented him which could explain his demands to see her.  Twelve-years gave him a lot of time to fester and Drama could certainly feel like he’s owed a few things or two.   (more…)

10-10-15 Justice or Else March [Video]

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Today marked the 20th anniversary of the historical Million Man March on Washington.  Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful message to the hundreds of thousands who  attended and millions of live streamers around the world.  The “Justice or Else” theme resonated with many bringing out tons of celebrities and other familiar faces alike.  (more…)