Betsy DeVos’ Investment in Company Raises Ethics Issues

Betsy DeVosThe glaring conflict of interests by this Trump administration is nauseating.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos didn’t divest her multi-million dollar stake in a controversial “brain training” company and has reportedly increased her investment since taking office.  (more…)

It’s so hard to say goodbye: President Obama out!

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This has been an emotional week for many of us.  Our beloved First Family is exiting the stage and leaving us in the hands of someone we hope will eventually rise to the occasion.  (more…)

Malia Obama says eights years is a long time!

Malia ObamaIn my mind; that’s what she must be thinking so surprise, our First Daughter isn’t infallible!  By now you’ve probably seen video of eighteen-year-old Malia Obama allegedly smoking marijuana while partying with friends at the 2016 Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago.   (more…)

Sasha Obama Starts Summer Job at Seafood Restaurant

Sasha ObamaLeave it to our First Family to remind us of good old American values!  First daughter, Sasha Obama (15) has started her first job and no, it’s not as glamorous as older sister, Malia Obama’s summer intern in Hollywood-it’s at a seafood restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.   (more…)

President Obama Will Go Down as One of the Best in US History!

President ObamaPresident Obama’s speech at the 2016 DNC, got the job done!  Our President was poised, confident and ready to respond to Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric in the most opportune way, and that’s the thing about playing dirty (Donald Trump); the victim’s always sitting in the cut, waiting for the right opportunity.


Michelle Obama Delivers Big at 2016 DNC

Michelle ObamaFirst Lady, Michelle Obama returned the favor Bill Clinton paid President Obama three-in-a-half-years ago delivering a heartfelt, impactful speech at the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philly.   (more…)