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It’s hard to lead a nation of fools!

Powerful fools especially as President Obama became emotional today during his gun control speech.  Like him, it’s difficult for me to ascertain the objection to making it more difficult for the criminally insane to obtain guns in America.  (more…)

How Did ISIS Really Come to Power? Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

This is why President Obama now has a head full of gray hairs.  We can thank Bush and Cheney for the here and now if we are to believe this highly plausible propaganda.  Very interesting twelve-minute video that will leave you questioning it all. (more…)

GOP’s House Refugee Bill Passes Overwhelmingly

GOPThe GOP received bi-partisan support in a move which has seemingly outmaneuvered Obama to get their House Refugee Bill passed.  The Democrats in favor say the Obama administration failed to make a strong enough case against it. (more…)

Obama Claps Back at Republican Macho Talk!

President ObamaPresident Obama has taken it on the chin with an onslaught of criticism regarding his handling of ISIS and the Syrian refugees. Republicans in particular have disavowed his decision to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees to settle in the U.S. saying not in my state. (more…)