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The The Obama girls are growing up!

Sasha & Malia Obama
Sasha & Malia Obama

Our First Daughters are growing up and with that comes more independence.  It’s been almost eight-years since President Obama has been in office and never before has there been a scandal involving Malia Obama and Sasha.  (more…)

Bristol Palin’s Criticism of President Obama Should be Filed Under Comedy

Bristol PalinBristol Palin says, she’s completely dumbfounded by the Presidents trip to Alaska and asks, “Why again?”

As a native Alaskan; you’d think she’d be well-aware of the need to raise awareness to the growing crisis of global warming, but she instead took this opportunity to spread nonsensical rhetoric like her good mama taught her.      (more…)

President Obama visits Alaska to bring awareness to global warming & climate change

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President Obama is on a historic three-day trip to Alaska to bring awareness to the affects of climate change and the environment.  He is the first sitting president to visit the Alaskan Arctic and kicked off his trip Monday with a speech about the growing crisis of global warming.   (more…)

President Obama Commutes Prison Sentences of 46 Drug Offenders

President Obama @ El Reno Correctional Institution
President Obama @ El Reno Correctional Institution

President Obama took a bold step in prison reform commuting the sentences of more than 46 drug offenders.  Most of the men were convicted on non-violent crimes involving the sale of crack cocaine.  He met with six inmates at the El Reno Correctional Institution in El Reno, Oklahoma today making him the first sitting President to visit a federal prison. (more…)

President Obama Says Goodbye to Ambitious Mentees in White House Mentorship Program

President Obama said goodbye to more than two-dozen mentees who completed the White House Mentorship and Leadership Program.  Obama seems eager to help those who first try to help themselves.  This should be understandable given the fact that he himself came from meager beginnings and worked hard to overcome his circumstances.  (more…)