Nene Leakes Re-Joins RHOA for Season 8

Nene Leakes“Where them dollars at” is what I envision her saying to BRAVO producers as we now learn Nene Leakes has returned to RHOA for season 8.  Apparently, we are to believe the other ladies offered story lines too boring for “reality” TV. (more…)

RHOA Jumps On The Transgender Bandwagon

Amiyah ScottRHOA producers have found their replacement for Nene Leakes and she use to be a he.  Yep, a transgender by the name of Amiyah Scott has reportedly joined the cast for what’s sure to be an epic season 8.  (more…)

RHOA Special 100th Episode Recap [Full Episode]

RHOA Special 100th Episode
RHOA Special 100th Episode

RHOA Special 100th Episode was quite nostalgic and really reminded me just why and how the show became so popular.  They even dug former Housewife, Deshawn Snow out from obscurity.  (more…)