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BET’s Music Moguls Delivers!

Music MogulsLike him or hate, Dame Dash is great for TV and simply put; BET’s, “Music Moguls” wouldn’t be the same without him.  Not sure whether Dame is living in his own delusions of grandeur or really is smarter than the rest of us, but he sure talks a good game and poor Jermaine Dupri just couldn’t hang.   (more…)

Roland Martin Gets Real With Snoop on Controversial “Roots Boycott” Remarks

Roland Martin gets real with Snoop on his controversial “slave movie” remarks which stopped just short of calling for a “Roots” boycott.  If you read my previous post on this topic, you already know; I couldn’t agree more with Roland’s commentary. (more…)

Snoop’s not watching another “slave movie!” Should Blacks be okay with a Roots Boycott?

Rapper Snoop Dog weighed in on the controversial subject of Blacks being depicted as slaves in film, stopping just short of calling for a Roots boycott. Saying, he refuses to watch “Roots” or any other “slave movie”has provoked much-needed dialogue and I for one can relate to his frustration, but disagree with his position. (more…)

10-10-15 Justice or Else March [Video]

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Today marked the 20th anniversary of the historical Million Man March on Washington.  Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful message to the hundreds of thousands who  attended and millions of live streamers around the world.  The “Justice or Else” theme resonated with many bringing out tons of celebrities and other familiar faces alike.  (more…)