Taye Diggs
Taye Diggs

Actor Taye Diggs has come-out swinging saying Hollywood decision makers hold films starring a predominately African-American cast to unfair standards.

After the success of The Best Man sequel, cast members along with Diggs are anxious to ride the wave and begin production on the third-installment, but not so fast!

Producers are holding-out and said to be basing their decision on the success of the anticipated summer blockbuster, Think Like A Man Too.

Diggs said,

“A studio deciding if they wish to proceed with a black film depends heavily on the success of other movies with a primarily black cast, even if the projects are completely unrelated.

“Unfortunately, the business is such that, as far as studios are concerned, they judge one quote-unquote black movie on how other ‘black’ movies have done, even if they have nothing to do with each other.”

Over the past year, we’ve seen an influx of black-oriented films and many of them have had great box office success.  If producers are using “Think Like A Man Too” as a barometer then the problems surrounding financial backing should be resolved.

Digg’s went on to say,

“It’s too bad we can’t do well on our own merit when it comes to the studios. They don’t like to take risks and, unfortunately, we’re still considered a huge risk, even though I don’t think we are.”