Wendy WilliamsEmpire star Terrence Howard gets two cool points for his response to Wendy Williams’ attack last week.  When all else fails, kill’em with kindness! 

Wendy for the second time said she felt Terrence Howard’s personal problems were a distraction and that he should be fired from the hit show.

Well, Terrence decided to get in on the backlash in the most classiest of way and posted the following response to Twitter:

“I have been a fan of Wendy for years. Shame on anyone who speaks without knowing the truth… What she did was irresponsible and hurtful! I forgive you Wendy… Thank you for loving the show and supporting Taraji! To the Empire!”

On another note, ever notice how Wendy cleans the lipstick off her teeth with her fingers then proceeds to sashay out to the audience during commercial break for a handshake?  The irony here is she’s a self-proclaimed germaphobe!

Wendy WilliamsYeah, Wendy, we judging.  Gross!!

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