RHOP Episode 5The Real Housewives of Potomac Episode 5 provided another lesson in standards and etiquette. 

In preparation for her daughter’s departure for college, Karen arranged a self-defense class for she and Raven.  She had been mugged the previous year and wanted her daughter to be prepared if the need arises.  They seem to have a beautiful relationship.

Ashley and her husband are preparing to open a modern Australian restaurant.  They interviewed several candidates for an assistant position.  Most hardly seemed qualified but I wonder how long it took the gentlemen  to realize how ridiculous he looked voguing during the interview?

Disclosing a strong desire to help her mother financially after her recent filing for bankruptcy.  Ashley claims to be an independent woman who wants to position herself to assist her family off her personal earnings and not her husbands.  I found that scene conflicting because she didn’t have any empathy for Robyn’s financial woes when discussing them with Katie; especially, considering her upbringing and mother’s status.

Robyn went to visit Charisse at her lovely home.  She’s quite the hostess and couldn’t resist opening up to Robyn about the status of her marriage after showing her a recent text where she indicated she was ready to start divorce proceedings.

Robyn was surprised but did the right thing, and just listened.  Most people going through difficult times just need and ear and not a problem solver,

Gizelle went over to Karen’s for a visit and expressed her thoughts on Katie’s behavior at Ashley’s party.  Saying she thought she might have been under the influence, it was funny watching Karen prod only to later chastise her for gossiping.

Katie met with Karen to ask for her help with the fundraiser.  She quickly let her know that her behavior at the party was off-putting (which it was) and that she was unavailable to assist.

Gizelle went on a second date with a handsome suitor.  Love her demeanor and sense of awareness.  She knows she’s the cat’s meow and didn’t hesitate letting her date know who was in control.

Karen and her husband rented a yacht for a BYOM (Bring Your Own Man) party.  I thought it was inconsiderate to invite Charisse considering her circumstances but she wanted to use that as a teachable moment for Ashley who really could care less.  Karen let it be known that complimentary food and drinks were the standard, and as an invited guest she would expect nothing less.

This after Gizelle admitted she left without paying her bar tab at Ashley’s party.

Karen had enough shade to go around on the yacht, asking Gizelle’s date if he were who she often referred to as Mr. Miami (which he was not), but Gizelle didn’t flinch when her date confronted her admitting she dates and dates often.

Next it was Ashley’s husband who decided it would be fun to jump overboard for a quick swim.  The ladies stopped him in time but Karen’s eye rolling was hilarious. She enlisted Gizelle who told Ashley, “We black, we don’t do that.  You need to tell your husband to put his clothes on.”

Love it!.

Next week they head to Delaware for an all girls trip at Ashley’s vacation home but when her husband arrives drama ensues.

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