Think Like A Man Too

Think Like A Man Too brought in 30 million landing at number one its opening week.   I like many others rushed out to support but based on reviews; I wasn’t the only one disappointed.

After the opening scene, I realized this was going to be a bore and recall giggling maybe once during the entire 122 minutes.

The actors did what they could with this poorly written sequel.  Why wasn’t more time spent developing what could have become an almost cult following?

We don’t get enough films with predominately black casts so when we anxiously anticipate sequels like “Think Like A Man Too” it almost feels like producers took advantage of a sure thing in that we would come out but failed to deliver on quality.

Am I the only one who feels this is inexcusable considering the plight black film makers have endured getting their product out?

We have to do better and it starts with demanding more to get more.

I’m happy to see the movie had a successful opening as that will help open doors for more to come but let’s be clear; black consumers won’t settle for just anything with many black faces.