Floyd Mayweather JrAs the saying goes, “You can take the person out of the hood but the hood remains,” and that would definitely apply to Clifford Harris aka Ti or Tip.

Cheating rumors have been swirling for months about Ti, groupies and an outside child though he and wife, Tiny have denied suggestions of a break-up.

Tiny has been seen hanging out a lot more than usual without her husband lending credence to the speculation.

Three weeks ago, she and her friend/stylist Shekinah were in Vegas for the Mayweather fight.

Tiny & Shekinah in Vegas
Tiny & Shekinah in Vegas

Tiny posted this recent picture of her and Floyd’s 14-year-old daughter in an obvious attempt to make husband, Ti jealous or at least get his attention.

Tiny @ Floyd's Daughter
Tiny @ Floyd’s Daughter

Who knows if anything more than flirting took place but Tiny’s husband Ti, didn’t like it and decided to confront Floyd Sunday night, outside a Fatburger joint on the Vegas Strip.

Ti and Floyd exchanged words resulting in Floyd telling Ti, “You need to control your bitch!”  Not sure if this was before or after Ti sucker-punched the undefeated boxer but here’s a clip Ti posted to his Instagram seemingly taunting Mayweather.

Ti taunts Floyd. (watch)
Ti taunts Floyd. (watch)

All this bravado for what?

Seems like Ti may be feening for that prison life.  Just a few weeks ago, he and rapper The Game had an intense stand-off with LAPD outside an LA night spot.

All these successful entertainers still want to lead a thug-life and the funny thing is real thugs would love to trade places with them.

I guess some will never learn.

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