Tiny, Wendy and Shekinah
Tiny, Wendy and Shekinah

“Tiny” Tameka Harris dropped by The Wendy Williams show to promote the new season of ‘The Family Hustle’ and respond to rumors surrounding the state of her marriage.

Wendy, known for asking personal questions-went right in asking about the rumors of marital problems and possible break-up between she and husband, Ti.  She appeared a bit nervous but seemed determined to get through the interview as honestly as possible.

When asked what advice she’d give aspiring artists; she advised those interested in joining a girls-group to really learn the business and not allow outsiders or problems to linger-on; rather, nip-things-in-the-bud right away.

Wendy asked about the infamous Instagram post where her husband Tip called her out on a photo posted to her Instagram account.  She said she didn’t know why he chose to address it on social media, but confirmed she was really showing off her new-tattoo and not her butt.

That opened the door for the question that many have wondered about.  Wendy says, “Nice booty, is it bought or yours?”  Tiny replied, “Ah, it’s a little of both.”  The audience erupts in laughter. She went on to admit to having a breast job, but denied any work to her nose because it’s her father’s nose and didn’t want to change it.

When Wendy asked about the rumors surrounding her marriage, she said they are still together and not planning to break-up or divorce.  She said the rumors stemmed from an argument they had around the time of the Grammy’s that continued on and shouldn’t have.

Then Wendy asked about her “bare” ring-finger, she said her finger was swollen, and that she couldn’t get her ring on.  Wendy didn’t notice any swelling and proceeded to move the conversation along.

Even though they touched on some very private matters; the interview was pretty light-hearted and fun!  Tiny seems to be stepping out solo a lot more than usual this year as the talk show host interviewed her alone for the first time.  Nice to see her evoke her independence.

The fourth season of ‘The Family Hustle’ premiers, Monday on VH1 and features her husband “Ti” Clifford Harris, and their children.