Tiny and Tip
Tiny and Tip

The marital problems between rapper/actor Clifford Harris aka Ti or Tip and his wife, “Tiny” Tameka Harris have been rumored for months but both parties have publicly denied problems on the home front.  

Tiny even went on the Wendy Williams Show and stated they were going through things like any married couple but no one was looking to divorce.

Then of course there was the incident between Ti and Floyd Mayweather in Vegas a couple weeks back.

Tiny has been known to feud with friends and foes on social media.  I’ve often reserved comment but empathized with her greatly.  Even this time is no different.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice things are not okay in the Harris family.  Tiny has been seen out with friends more over the past year than we’ve seen her in the past ten-years combined.

Not to mention Ti has reportedly taken up residence in another Atlanta home.

Well, the rumors have swirled but no confirmation has come from the couple or family directly until now.  Take a look at the message Ti’s mother posted to Tiny’s Instagram Pic.

"Bck in my city...out with my sexy ladies!!!"
“Bck in my city…out with my sexy ladies!!!”

Tameka you look happy with your friends, but nothing, absolutely nothing can replace the feeling of being happy with your man! Please have a serious talk with Tip.

Innocent enough but couldn’t mom have easily picked up the phone and told her daughter-in-law this?  Why so public?

Tip and Mom!
Tip and Mom!

It’s almost as though she’s admonishing Tameka for hanging out with friends.  Has she posted a similar message to her sons Instagram or better yet-staged a family intervention?

Let’s hope so!  

As a woman, I’m going to assume Tiny would much rather hang-out with her husband as long as he’s honoring her as his wife.  They’ve been through a lot and Lord knows she has held him down!

Whatever the issues (and I’m sure there are many) between Tiny and Tip let’s hope their marriage doesn’t succumb to the proverbial curse of reality TV.

Photos courtesy of Instagram: vimommati