This insightful ‘black pride’ vs. ‘white pride’ post was forwarded to me so I thought I’d share. American Blacks are an intriguing group for many reasons. Sure, we’re broken, resilient, strong, creative, trendsetters, and so on but let’s discuss our ability to create a culture from a forgotten past.

Reading this woman’s post reminded me of emotions felt upon my visit to West Africa. The familiar subtleties in an unfamiliar place evoked joy and pain as my understanding of the “Middle Passage” grew.

The transatlantic slave trade was the largest genocide in world history. More than 60 Million Africans are said to have perished with some estimating the number closer to 100 Million.

Here’s one point of view that I personally find accurate and interesting:

With that said, we are triumphant! And though images perpetuated in media may leave some with doubt, remember we’re still here, breaking old and new barriers every day. Salute to all still in the fight!
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