Benzino & Stevie J
Benzino & Stevie J

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Benzino (48) aka Raymond Scott, was shot today while en route to his mother, Mary Scott’s funeral.

His nephew, Gai Scott (36) is the  suspect.  Scott was driving a black Bentley when arrested, and is now awaiting arraignment on Monday for attempted murder.

Sources close to the family say tensions had grown between he and his Uncle Raymond (Benzino).

A second hearse and limo were ordered so that funeral services could resume.

Nephew, Guy Scott being arrested
Nephew, Gai Scott being arrested

Benzino was driving a red SUV when his nephew’s vehicle pulled-up.  Once side-by-side, shots rang out.  An eyewitness found the red SUV on the shoulder of the road and claims it was a bloody mess inside.

Benzino was rushed to the South Shore Hospital in Boston, MA and is currently in stable condition.

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Hospital photo taken by Stevie J. who was there to attend the funeral services.