Porsha WilliamsAs I stated yesterday, I had doubts the rumors alleging Porsha Williams was dating Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of the President of Equatorial New Guinea were true, and Porsha has reached out to E-News to deny the claims.

Porsha said not only is she not dating Teodoro she’s never met the man!

This all comes after Mangue true girlfriend, actress Tamala Jones of ABC’s Castle sent Porsha a back-off tweet saying, “Miss Porsha Williams.. Now you know you should shame the devil & tell the truth! U grew up in the church & lying was never… You may have a man, but the one your claiming belongs to me! Check your pr or our head, but don’t step on my toes.” 

Oh what class! Tamala also dated Big Gipp from the Goodie Mobb.

Porsha went on to say she’s spending time enjoying life, and not focused on dating at the moment.  Good for you!